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Being a part of Life in Two, our sophisticated system will examine your preferences and will offer you every day a wide range of selected partners similar to you. All you have to do is ... choose!

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...a scientific method based on the importance of knowing yourself, and on what we are and what we're looking for. Our desires, our expectations, our personality. For this reason the suggested partners are always the outcome of a careful analysis on matching. The "starting from here" makes the relationship possible.

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Our happy ending stories
No, not often. A meeting that will leave you breathless. What has it all spontaneously you invest, is realized. What has it all, just happen. Yet this is exactly how it went to the many members of Life in Two who have decided to share with us their experience. We publish their testimonies, because they are the protagonists of these stories of love born on Life in Two to ensure the effectiveness of our service.
With Life in Two the reality is better than a dream!
I never thought it could happen. At a certain age you know that finding true love it’s not that easy. Then at Life in Two I met Paul. .
Paul really was what you call "love at first sight". Mary came into my life on tip toes, and within a short time she managed to get my heart.
Mary and Paul
There have been 10 months since we met each other and 7 since we got together. A big love bloomed in a short time. It is true that beautiful things happen when you least expect them. Thank you Life!
I’ve got to be honest: I’ve never been an “easy-satisfying” person, that’s why I was afraid I wouldn’t find what I really wanted to. However, as soon as I saw Luke, I didn’t hesitate: I was in front of the man of my dreams…
...and so she contacted me. We corresponded for several weeks before deciding to meet. Neither of us wanted our first date to be superficial. Waiting increased the desire …
Helen and Luke
Within 3 months, since we first met, we thought it was too good to be true falling in love again so easily. Life does really surprise you!
Much easier than what you thought! I registered on Life in Two after a big love delusion. When Thomas started writing to me, he immediately got my attention and so, after a few weeks we met.
I’d never seen such a beautiful girl before! “Beautiful” in many ways!! On Life she’d got my attention from what she wrote to me, meeting her personally it only intensified our relationship.
Jane and Thomas
After dating for a year, we decided to live together. Life in Two gave us the chance to know each other, and we hope that this will an everlasting story.
I joined Life in Two because a dear friend of mine suggested it to me. I’d never thought it was the suitable for me finding the right man online. At the beginning I had a lot of doubts so I wrote to Eleanor, the Life’s psychologist. Her advices were precious. Within a short time I found Paul …
...Adriana is a fantastic woman! At the beginning I thought she was not fully convinced, but it was just a matter of shyness. We met 6 months ago and our relationship is going on perfectly fine!
Adriana and Paul
We don’t know for sure what the future is holding for us, but what we surely know is that the present is “more beautiful than whatever other dream”
A wonderful man. This how I’d like to describe Joshua! We met at Life in Two about a year ago. It was easy doing the first step: I invited him at Play Together and from the start I guessed his answers to the questions I’d chosen. The result?
We fell in love with a great love! It was fun discoveiring each other step by step through the tools that the portal offered us.; today I cannot imagine a more beautiful story than ours!
Naomi and Joshua
"Together forever", and it all started by exchanging some virtual flowers and e-mails. Surprising, you might think? No, it’s just real ... thank you Life in Two!

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