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Dr. Eleanor Johnson
Psychologist, specialized in group analysis psychotherapy. Manages and performs Counselling and Consulting at public and private institutions.
She also offers advisory services, diagnosis and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families.

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Individual or open space?
Dear psychologist,
are Alexander, are separated by 5 years. Now at age 54 I find myself trying again for a soul mate, not being able to find it clearly before. I realize I can seem superficial or "the usual male " but a big problem that I take on the story with my ex-wife is his failure to understand my passion for football. I'm a big fan, as always, and with this she has always been a problem on Sunday was always a struggle, she did not want was following the game, and I have always felt limited in the cage! Now I am looking for a woman who shares my passion, I want to find a woman that you love football as I do, to go along with the stadium and spend Sunday without those weary struggles that led me to the misunderstanding and finally the separation .
I answered
Dear Alexander,
what you are talking about refers to the desire to come up with the other person as many common elements as possible. Have common interests and passions in fact it is definitely an important element, especially in a couple relationship lasting, it is in fact what helps to nourish and nurture that relationship over the years, the love, the happiness of being together because they share important experiences for both. I think in fact it is necessary not to forget the individuality in a relationship, the share does not has to turn in fusion, the experiences become important for both since they have meaning and significance for the couple and for everyone in it. I think when you talk about football, Alexander, you're talking about your passion, something you've built up over time, which helps to give sense and meaning to your daily life. Look for a woman with this same passion, I think may be important, but not essential for you. It is in fact something of yours, that belongs to your individuality. The couple is successful if it finds a balance of individual and relational spaces. Probably in your past relationship that was not possible, the lack of understanding that you speak of reminds me of a process in which there has slowly lost sight of the couple, not recognizing and needs more space than the other. It is therefore important to the understanding of and respect for their interests, passions and needs, but also because by your willingness to create spaces of the pair, so saturated with the desire to build a space with each other together as possible.

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