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Dr. Eleanor Johnson
Psychologist, specialized in group analysis psychotherapy. Manages and performs Counselling and Consulting at public and private institutions.
She also offers advisory services, diagnosis and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families.

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Taking care of yourself too
I'm almost 60 years old and I've got many delusions. There must be someone who loves me for what I am! I'd like to be loved and cuddled, and why not a bit spoiled as well. That's because no one has ever taken of me, since I grew up with a sick mother and than my husband who died right after getting sick. I've worked a lot alone. Now I'd like to share that joy.
I answered
My dear,
you talk about suffering experiences related to illness and loss. Who knows all the pain you have experienced and what you've taken charge of! These experiences, have probably gotten you used to take care of others, listen to their needs and adapt yourself to them. It seems to me, that now, you want to listen also to your needy part, which needs to be accepted and to be taken into consideration: you've often taken care of others so far, it seems to me that now you want to take care of yourself too!
Express the will and desire to meet someone that could reply to your needs, someone to share the daily life with, to find once again the joy of life, the joy coming from a meeting, from a relationship. It seems to me that there's the desire to be seen, to be looked at and to be able to try a role opposite the one you've always had in the previous relationships of which you've talked to me about.
I wish you'll make this desire of yours true!

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