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Dr. Eleanor Johnson
Psychologist, specialized in group analysis psychotherapy. Manages and performs Counselling and Consulting at public and private institutions.
She also offers advisory services, diagnosis and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families.

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I'm Angela, 42 years old. Two years ago I lost my partner, after living together for 6 years. After that, I began trusting men (not many of them), which filled me with beautiful words and many lies, things that I hate, just to get me into bed and serious thing I let them "use " me, losing this way every sense of wanting to be loved. Today, I find myself alone, and this loneliness makes me feel bad and I continue to fall into the net of the faithless men, which I always discover afterwards.
I answered
Dear Angela,
you're telling me about the loss of a partner after many years of living together, and how this experience has created a kind of disorientation in you, taking you to a momentary loss of yourself, of your needs.
Based on what you're writing, seems that you've been suspended for a long time in a situation where you've muted those parts of you, which need to be loved and listened to, which you've probably placed in that person, maybe due to the fear of finding them out, maybe changed, share and trust them to someone else, with the dear of being once again hurt and vulnerable.
Being in a situation where you feel used, it sometimes rapresents the will to numb your own emotions, to become an object and feel like one, for the fear of suffering once again. The risk is that of "falling in the net" of relationship that will never evolve, since even though inside yourself you're stuck and blocked from fear.
I think you should dedicate more time to yourself, listening to your emotions and desires, looking for that internal space to share with someone else one day.

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