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Dr. Eleanor Johnson
Psychologist, specialized in group analysis psychotherapy. Manages and performs Counselling and Consulting at public and private institutions.
She also offers advisory services, diagnosis and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families.

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Relationships and fear
I'd like to have a nice story, but at the same time I'm scared... I don't know how to handle it... Thanks
I answered
Fear is a blocking emotion, it suspends body and mind in a kind of limbo in which it's difficult to produce a thought and to understand what's going on. You're stuck in a difficult situation to face and change, yet aware of the fact that we don't like it and that it produces discomfort.
Fear is also an alerting emotion, it alerts you in case of danger, a real or symbolic one; therefore, it is necessary to get in touch with it, try to listen to it, ask yourself what kind of fear is that and where does it come from.
While thinking about a love relationship, there can be many types of fears: fear of the meeting, of the bond, of entering into intimacy with each other, of abandonment, of the possibility of getting hurt .. . each of them comes from its own history, from possible past experiences that lead us to develop that specific fear. Understanding its origin is a way to deal with it, to start finding the way inside a situation that is currently caging and binding you, in order to enjoy your own desires and needs ! Good luck for this job!

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